M is for Macrophobia

Directed by Ima Leupp

M is for Macrophobia Directed by Ima Leupp Story by Ima Leupp Written by Mark Farias & and Troy Fortenberry Starring Patient one Melissa Gratia Patient two Jeanette Chiffon Kezele Patient three Ana Marie Patient four Jennifer Fielding Doctor one Jacob Alexander Berardi Doctor two J.R. Zambrano Crew Produced by Josie Collier & Ima Leupp Executive Producer Troy Fortenberry Associate Producer Zane Duncan Director of Photography Bryan Lee Taylor Cam Op Bryan Lee Taylor First AC Jacob Alexander Berardi G&E Gaffer Bryan Lee Taylor & Jacob Alexander Berardi Grip Edwin Mendoza Production Designer Ima Leupp Art Directors Bryan Taylor & Jacob Alexander Berardi Sound Troy Fortenberry, Jacob Alexander Berardi & Ima Leupp Coordinator J.R. Zambrano Special Effects Makeup Jennifer Fielding & Ima Leupp Editor and Post Supervisor Joseph Hassage Behind the Scenes Photographer Troy Fortenberry