M is for Mind Meld

Directed by BC Glassberg

Written and Directed by BC Glassberg Produced by Jimmie Parker Director of Photography - Jimmie Parker Edited by Jara Wallace Cast: Clay Shirley – Subject 1 BC Glassberg – Subject 2 Hands 1 – Andre Evrenos Hands 2 – Crew: Rory Harman Assistant Director – Philip Weaver Art Direction – Rory Harman Script Supervisor – Bridget Green Camera Operator – Jara Wallace AC – Derek Putlak Gaffer – Aaron Berecka Key Grip – Derek Putlak Grip – Brady Bennett Sound Recordist/Audio Consultant – Erin Boyle Composer/Sound Design – Joe Stacey Foley – Joe Stacey and Erin Boyle Make-Up – Steven Martinez Special FX – Steven Martinez and Rory Harman Craft Services – Jay Rios Special Thanks: Thomas Minor, DRT Media, Dr. David Treadwell, Cecilia Kimmel, Beverly Kimmel, Spencer Greenwood, Dr. Beth Pletcher and Paul Glassberg, Tim and Kathie Parker, TourGigs