M is for Movie making

Directed by Zaur Kourazov

So on the last 3 days of the Abcs of death part 2 competition i decided to make shortfilm based on a 20 minute idea. No planning was done i just gathered 3 of my best mates and tried to make this happen, it turned out pretty well in my opinion. It took me 3 days to deliver the short you see now (this includes the filming) I want to thanks my best mates, this would NEVER EVER have happened without them. Can't express the amount of love and thankfulness i have. DIrector/DOP: Zaur Kourazov Camera: Roozbeh Ahmadi (Visit the Mellow in Ostend, DO IT) Actors in order of appearance: Zaur Kourazov, Gio Makharoblidze, Nikita Dimitrov and Roozbeh Ahmadi Sound: Leroy De Jonghe this guy managed to make a filmscore in 1 day, check his soundcloud soundcloud.com/hidefmusic. Also used the track Die Forelle by Hans Zimmer but lets keep that quiet from the Hans-team. I want to mention these people as well Gio, Nikita, Roozbeh, Pj, Nico, Magic, Stefan, Dylan, Ilja, Nico, Maxim, Wim, Fredien for being who they are and their creative input/criticism Share/like if you honestly want to :) that would be really cool I am most humble to the people who surround me, thank you so much and thanks for watching. Zaur