M is for Munchies

Directed by Jason Nathaniel Overdorf and Brian Goren

Cast: (Main Segment) Dan N. Dirty as The Fat Man & Jason Nathaniel Overdorf as Guy Homes. (Cannibal Segment) Catherine Ann Restivo as The Woman; Gels Wechsler, Jordan Bangor, Ryan Chernega, Isaac Santana & Vince Sadonis as The Cannibals, with James Perez as The Human Sacrifice. Cinematography/Editing/Lighting & Sound by Matt Lewis; Additional Lighting & Sound by Aubrey Van Wyk & Jay Deitzel; Foley Recorded at Sixwill Studios. Additional Cinematography by Brian Goren & Jason Nathaniel Overdorf (Cannibal Segment). Make-Up & Effects by Kristyn Grube; Additional Make-Up by Heather Findlay & Alex Oscavich. Miscellaneous Crew - Michael Edward & Jerome Hymans. Written/Directed & Produced by Jason Nathaniel Overdorf & Brian Goren. Special Thanks to Jay Figueroa & Qdoba Catering; Jay & Brian's Excellent Video Store & 5ifth Element Contracting.