M is for Mushroom

Directed by Arne Venema

Starring: Kirt Kishita - Kimura Mike Chan - Inspector Jackie Lau Jack Byrne as Inspector Tom Loomis Sam Pleitgen as The Chef Galaxy Ho as The Young Waiter, Mark Nakayama as Kimura's bodyguard 1 Sidney Leung as Kimura's bodyguard 2 Written and Directed by Arne Venema Cinematography by Derrick Fong Produced by Ivy Lam, Mike Chan & Arne Venema Special Thanks: Mizer Lau Jonnic Thompsett Melvin James Temur Mamisashvili Jeff Floro Future Shawn Tse Alvin Chu King Long Harry Barnoff Lighting by Derrick Fong and Jeanette Li Edited by Arne Venema and Derrick Fong Make Up by Max Lam Costumes by Claire Saeki Props and Blood by Christopher N. Giblin, Emma Moosa and Veronica Maxwell Special FX by Dan Findlay & Derrick Fong Music by Jonnic Thompsett,Dan Findlay & Arne Venema Crew: Butch Anthony Domingo, Christopher N. Giblin, Gabs Salonga, Ritesh Nandwani and Jeannette Li. Behind the scene photography: Gabs Salonga and Butch Anthony Domingo Additional thanks to: Anthony Leung @Ramen Kureha Yung Fun Chan @Shun Hang Motor Demolishing Co. (順恆汽車配件公司) Cinerent Joe Fiorello, Chris Leung, Mike Leeder and Meaghan McGurgan.